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Skill training
Pin definition and jumper method of vehicle diagnostic connector
On site maintenance case analysis
Basic principle of diesel common rail and comparison among Bosch system, electric installation system and Cummins system
How to use the computer tester
Common rail circuit diagram learning
Fault code analysis
How to use the multimeter
Intensive training
Theoretical training
Working principle and internal components of oil pump
Working principle of fuel injector
Disassembly and assembly of fuel injector
Test room
Internal components of injector
Disassembly, inspection and maintenance of oil pump
Common rail test bed training
Maintenance case training
Our company has all kinds of EFI common rail maintenance parts for many years, welcome to inquire
Common rail oil pump repair kit
Kit-common rail injector
Injector adjusting gasket
Disassembly tool for common rail injector
Electric hp0 plunger
Bosch original nozzle
Electric rail pressure sensor
1st / 2nd generation adjustment block
Delphi valve assembly
Electric control valve
Electric three claw tool