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Common rail maintenance equipment
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Jz-6800 multifunctional test bench
Published in:2019-09-29 17:07:59





Electronic measurement system 

Full function and automatic 

Integrated flow sensor 

Multiple protection of data accuracy 

Automatic calibration of intelligent algorithm 

Test oil automatic heating / cooling control 

Real time display of fuel injection / return curve 

Original data of Bosch, Denso and Delphi

Bosch original CP3 pump and high pressure oil rail with DRV

Fuel injector drive adopts short circuit protection, ground protection and overpressure protection. 

It can detect different types of solenoid valve type and piezoelectric injector

It can drive Bosch CP1 / CP2 / CP3, Dell CRSP, electric HP3 / Hp4, HPO, Siemens DCP pumps and other common rail high-pressure oil pumps. 

It can increase the measurement of single pump and pump nozzle

It can test the pressure of pump cavity and positive and negative pressure of oil supply. 

It can realize the function debugging under different speed conditions 

Dozens of suitable ligands, which can test hundreds of part numbers such as Bosch, Cummins, Volvo, Carter, Hengyang, Witte, etc. 

Precision filter in front of sensor 

Data backup software update cloud upgrade 

Stainless steel metal keyboard and mouse 

Chinese, English and other multilingual interfaces 

technical parameter
Rated output power11 KW
Spindle speed0~4000 Revolutions / minutes
Speed control modeVariable frequency controller
Power parameterThree phase four wire 380V 50/60HZ
Temperature control systemAir-cooled heat dissipation
Track pressure0~2200 Bar
Rail pressure test accuracy±5 Bar
Nozzle sensorOriginal imported oval flow sensor
Oil pump sensorOriginal imported vane flow sensor
Sensor range0.008~2L/min
Tank volume30 升
Fuel temperature40±2℃
Filtering accuracyLess than 5μm
Whole machine size1900×820×1550 mm
Net weight615 kg