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Common rail maintenance equipment
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JZ-326B Common Rail Injector Test Bench
Published in:2019-09-29 15:31:56



Electronic measuring system 

Integrated flow sensor 

Data precision multiple protection 

Intelligent algorithm automatic calibration 

Automatic measurement and analysis results 

Test oil automatic heating / cooling control 

Real-time display of fuel injection / oil return curve 

Bosch original data; Denso, Delphi, Siemens data are all calibrated by the original injector 

Bosch original CP3 pump and high pressure rail with DRV 

Pre-sensor precision filter 

Data backup software update cloud upgrade 

Chinese, English and other multi-language interface cut

Fuel injection timing response sensing function 

Test the resistance and inductance of the injector 

Bosch IMA code generation 

Bosch Piezo ISA Code Generation 

Denso QR oil correction code generation 

Delphi C2i, C3i encoding generation 

Siemens VDO-IIC code generation 

Remote assistance in installation and maintenance 

Detectable solenoid valve injector 

Detectable piezoelectric injector 

High pressure flushing of the injector 

Function debugging under different speed conditions 

It can be distinguished that the injector is out of cylinder, knocking cylinder, speed limit

technical parameter
Rated output power5.5 KW
Spindle speed0 to 1450 rpm
Speed control modeFrequency converter
Power parameterThree-phase four-wire 380V 50/60HZ
Temperature Control SystemAir cooling
Track pressure0~2600 Bar
Rail pressure test accuracy±5 Bar
Nozzle sensorOriginal imported elliptical flow sensor
Sensor range0.008~2L/min
Fuel tank capacity18 liters
Fuel temperature40±2℃
Filtration accuracyLess than 5μm
Overall size1600×950×1630 mm
net weight330 kg